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    NEHEMIAH WAS CALLED to accomplish the impossible. When he heard of the poor condition of Jerusalem and its protective wall, God gave him the passion and desire to rebuild it. Nehemiah was a "cup bearer"—not the most highly skilled or highly honored job in the Persian Empire, but it gave him access to the one who could make that passion reality: King Artaxerxes.Nehemiah rallied those in Jerusalem to share his vision, providing the skills he lacked. In only 52 days, despite obstacles and enemies of the Jews who fought against them, the impossible became reality.Has God called you to accomplish something that seems impossible? The good news is that our King is able to provide all we need, and we possess the Holy Spirit’s constant presence to guide and direct our actions. Rally others who share your passion and watch God work!“Two are better than one because they have a…
    26 July 2016 in Antelope Springs Posts